PVC Tabelcloth for a Hotel

tablecloths are a common phenomenon in most restaurants and homes all over the world, where they serve both decorative and functional purposes. The pvc tablecloth is especially a favourite in many small restaurants and hotels for various reasons. 

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Easy to clean

The pvc tablecloths can be wiped clean with warm soapy water which enhances the ease of preparing the tables for the next batch of clients. High traffic restaurants that do not have a lot of time to prepare the table for the next client should therefore adopt their use. It also means that in the case of accidents, such as water or drink spills, the guests using the table need not move to another table since the spills can easily be cleaned. They are therefore an important addition to restaurants that serve a lot of children since they are more prone to such accidents.

Come in a variety of colours and sizes

This type of tablecloths comes in different colours, prints and sizes making them ideal for use on tables of different sizes and shapes. The variety of colours and prints make them ideal for decorative purposes. They can be clear, have lacy patterns or drawings of animals, fruits and other items. When the restaurant wishes to achieve a new look, all they need to do is to change the tablecloths and the mission will be accomplished.


With the increased demand for these tablecloths, more companies have ventured into their production. This has greatly lowered their prices ensuring that even small eateries can afford them. Their affordability also enables restaurants to acquire a number of designs that can be used to achieve different looks from time to time.


This type of tablecloths does not stain nor scar easily from the hot utensils. In addition, they are scratch resistant and cannot be torn with ease. All these characteristics contribute to their durability, a hard feat to achieve given the high traffic in most restaurants. When maintained well, these tablecloths can serve a restaurant for many years.


Being water resistant, the PVC tablecloths can be draped over cotton linens to protect them from staining. They can also be used to prevent damage to the tables by water and heat from the food served. This way, the furniture in the restaurants lasts longer. Given the important role played by furniture and the high capital required to replace them,, this has great cost savings for the restaurants.

Suitable for outdoor use

Restaurants that have outdoor siting space need durable, easy to clean and stain resistant tablecloths for use. Those made from PVC possess all these characters. They are also resistant to the effects of most weather elements making them ideal for use in any season of the year.

The Use of tablecloths made from PVC has so many benefits to a restaurant. All these benefits can also be experienced by those who use them at home. However, it is good to note that they should be kept away from fire as they are extremely flammable.